Archaeology At Tardis provides clients with expert advice on many aspects of Aboriginal and Historic cultural heritage management. We often work within large multi-disciplinary teams and specialise in small to large scale infrastructure, residential industrial, mining, and strategic land-use planning projects.

Our fields of expertise include:

  • Background research;
  • Geomorphological Assessment & Reports;
  • Due Diligence Reports;
  • Risk & Opportunities Assessments;
  • Desktop Investigations;
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plans (CHMP), as required by the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 and Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2007;

  • Site Assessments;
  • Detailed Site Survey (Standard Assessment);
  • Site/Place Management Plans;
  • Sample to Full Salvage Excavations;
  • Preparation of all Permits or Consents;
  • Artefact Analysis;
  • Site Monitoring;
  • Preparation of Interpretative Material;

  • Advice on State & Commonwealth Act obligations;
  • Advice on Native Title;
  • Public Presentations;
  • Expert Witness;
  • Technical Report Production to State Heritage Requirements;

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