What is Archaeology?

What is a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP)?

Why do I need an archaeologist or heritage consultant?

When do I need heritage advice?

How do I demonstrate if significant ground disturbance has occurred?

When do I need a CHMP?

When do I need a Cultural Heritage Permit (CHP) to harm?

How much does a Cultural Heritage Permit cost?

How do I find out whether a property has been previously assessed or contains recorded sites?

What is a Registered Aboriginal Party?

What is the role of a Registered Aboriginal Party in the preparation of a CHMP?

How much do CHMP’s cost?

How long do CHMP’s take?

What if a CHMP is refused?

What roles does Aboriginal Victoria (AV) play?

What if I need other related specialised services?

What is Native Title?

What is an historical archaeological site?

What is the relevant legislation for Historic Archaeology?

Who do I get to manage historic archaeological sites/artefacts?