Tardis Archaeology Pty Ltd heritage advisors, is an archaeological and heritage consulting company in Melbourne, Victoria and undertakes projects throughout south-eastern Australia. The original company was established in 1988 by Director Andrea Murphy. 

Joining Andrea is a team of dedicated and experienced archaeologist and heritage specialists. Our team provides archaeological and heritage advice to a range of Government, private and public sector clients for a variety of projects. Examples of these projects are:

  • Residential & Industrial Subdivison;
  • Wind Farms;
  • Pipeline Routes;
  • Optical Fibre Cable Routes;
  • Road & Highway/Freeway infrastructure;
  • Rail Iinfrastructure – Urban and Regional;
  • Waterway Rehabilitation Works;
  • Major Victorian Projects (e.g. Victorian Desalination Plant).

Tardis has earned a reputation for providing high quality service and professional advice on all facets of indigenous and non-indigenous heritage services. We offer services nationwide and deal with any heritage requirement from individual site management to major capital works and infrastructure projects.

Since the Victorian Government introduced the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 and Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2007, our company has produced over 300 CHMPs approved by Aboriginal Victoria or Registered Aboriginal Parties. As a standard inclusion we incorporate a geomorphological assessment within all of our stand alone documents and cultural heritage management plans.